अंग्रेजो का समर

ना यहाँ ककड़ी मिले
ना कलिंदर
ना यहां पियाउ मिले
ना वो गुरुद्वारे वाले मिले
घर मे रू-अफजा शायद मिले
पर घड़े सुराही तो दूर तक न मिले
अंग्रेजो का समर मिले
तो कई खिलखिलाते चेहरे मिले



आदमी ने सीमा खींची
रिश्तो को बांटा
मूलधन और ब्याज के फेर मे
पाया सिर्फ घाटा

आदमी ने पेंड़ो को काटा
परिंदों का घर ढ़ाया
पेंड़ो से ऊंची इमारतों मे
सिर्फ खुद को बसाया

आदमी ने बाज़ारो मे सुख ढूंढा
हर चीज़ को कीमत मे आंका
जरूरत रही दरकार से आगे
और मन रहा सिर्फ फांका

Before I answer what part, i would rather ask some pertinent questions… Questions which are relevant, challenge our fundamental understanding. This exercise will guide us to explore Blockchain, getting us closer & discover right use of Blockchain… eventually..
1) Will Blockchain resolve Liquidity woes?
2) Will Blockchain end of bureaucracy and underlying corruption?
3) Will Blockchain change the today’s Transaction landscape? like Accounting, reconciliation etc.
4) Will Blockchain define real Real-time?
5) Will Blockchain change the business & commerce cross border?

प्रकाशस्तंभ !

कई साल गुज़रे
कई शहरों से गुज़रा मै
पर एक समय और स्थल
अपनी धूरि पर ठहरा है

प्रकाशस्तंभ सा
जो दिग्दर्शक है गतिमान जहाजों का

आप भटके हो तो राह दिखाएगी
नए जगत के खोज में हो तो
गंतव्य तक पहुंचाएगी

उसका ही प्रकाश आज हमारा प्रतिबिम्ब है
शहर में खड़ा वो स्कूल
हमारा प्रकाशस्तंभ है

डांडिया सोंग
अच्छे दिन, स्वत्छ भारत, मेक इन इंडिया (२)
पर इससे कुछ नहीं होगा तू बस करले डांडिया (२)
लहर चली कुछ ऐसी की उड़ गए गांधीयाँ (२)
पर इससे कुछ नहीं होगा तू बस करले डांडिया (२)
अमदाबाद की होगी अब सारी मण्डियां (२)
पर इससे कुछ नहीं होगा तू बस करले डांडिया (२)
तू तू मै मै बस करती अब सारी मीडिया (२)
पर इससे कुछ नहीं होगा तू बस करले डांडिया (२)
मम्बानी और दानी की होगई चांदियाँ (२)
पर इससे कुछ नहीं होगा तू बस करले डांडिया (२)
आपस में लड़ मरते है भारतवाशियाँ (२)
पर इससे कुछ नहीं होगा तू बस करले डांडिया (२)
अच्छे दिन, स्वत्छ भारत, मेक इन इंडिया (२)
पर इससे कुछ नहीं होगा तू बस करले डांडिया (२)

Oh my Aadhaar – you are such a pain!

Disclaimer – Recently checked with HP Gas delivery person, charging subsidized amount i.e. INR 425 only for Aadhaar Linked Consumers.

Not so long ago, when govt. launched UIDAI in short “Aadhaar” to tag every Indian with Unique Id, there was a euphoria and some sense of pride in Air, especially among tech savvy middle class. There were reasons for it, some one coming out of Silion Valley with heavy credential was at helm, this was India’s social security number, huge IT infrastructure to boast about. As we always attached to novelty and most of it, ready for new experimentation, Indians said Hurray to UIDAI alas Aadhaar. And the great journey begins.

Since its inception, Aadhaar is in news for good and bad reasons and there has been huge community forming in both side of the perspective. I can’t say on which side it will eventually tilt but surely i can challenge its longevity. Nevertheless I do not wish to muddle further which is already formed various  opinions.

I got my Aadhaar card in given time, process was smooth, biometric and other processes were fun. Overall It cost me 1 day off from work. With Aadhaar in hand, I proudly said “that’s it, India is changing, no red tape and no more babudom. with Aadhaar implementation govt. shows its commitment to get rid of corruption, nepotism, subsidy etc”. Now i know that I said too much and too early without realizing that what a gargantuan change is underway and going to confront us soon.

I believe some of enlightened people were aware of the fact and side effect of Aadhaar and that’s how honorable Supreme court dictate Govt. “Not to force Aadhaar for emergency services”. But Govt. and Oil companies (Indane, HP Gas, Bharat Gas) have decided to overrule SC order and pushed Aadhaar to general people.

Whether subsidy is good for economy or not that another debate in another time. Lets get real here, how Aadhaar is going to work – I only surmise based on my day’s knowledge, when i ran from LPG company (Pillar) to Bank (Post).

So far you are paying INR 425/- a piece for Gas cylinder, next delivery you will be paying INR 1265/- (whopping!). As delivery boys still speak local language (in case you are handicap to communicate in local), you must have enough cash in hand, since Gas company do not accept Cards, Cheque or any credit line. Take a note that you will pay 1265/- irrespective of Aadhaar card or No Aadhaar or Submission of Aadhaar in LPG company or No submission. You are going to pay more, period. I have visited Indane Gas for my connection and HP Gas for Dad’s LPG connection. Both processes are different, out of world, very bureaucratic with complete chaos. I wish i could carry a Xerox machine with me, because I ran few times to get the right print. Here they can simply note the details and that would be sufficient but as old habit, we reject the first copy and harass consumer to get the right paper. On side note – India must stop such practice.

Holy question would be, how am I getting my INR 840/- back from Govt. i.e. 1265 – 425 = 840. This is govt. called Direct Bank Transfer (DBT), How it works that’s any ones guess. I visited my bank and submitted my Aadhaar details and ask big question, “how am i getting my subsidies entitled from various distributor purchases”. His answer was more perplexing said “Karnataka has not implemented direct bank transfer facility yet”. so i can not go beyond and ask more. But whether you are getting or not getting your differential amount, Gas companies will charge you more. He also said, which is reasonable, that LPG company will take your Bank account details for DBT. But as expected, LPG companies are just linking Aadhaar and not collecting Bank account details. Both shrugged off from taking other details except linking Aadhaar. As i understood, that mere linking at their end (and not connecting each other) would not give our penny back (no lot of cash back – in simple math you must get 9 x 840 every year, 9 subsidized cylinder per year)

One day in Aadhaar, jolt my foundation, this is going to break backbone of poor. Last but not least, if you want to know more Govt. has setup toll free number 18002333555, to know more about process, grace period, DBT, implementation status region wise etc. But when i dialed it proudly said “This number is busy”. If they are still busy means more trouble underway, more tremors expected.

Hit and Run – Story of A Rich India

Recently, One zipping Aston Martin on Mumbai road hit another 2 expensive cars, the corporate or insurance company react swiftly and replaced damaged car with new.

Not very long time ago, still fresh in our memory, Several hit and run cases involve mighty, powerful or rich brats behind hot wheels – swanky and expensive cars, killed common pedestrian and homeless pavement dwellers. we snatched not only many lives but also livelihood of many families. Justice system failed to convict guilty let alone replacing anything to those who lost.

As our fast cars are finding another set of expensive cars and not pavement dwellers, I assume that India is getting richer and bigger with every Hit and run incidents.